Maneuvering Speed Part 2: Determining Maneuvering Speed for your Plane.

Maneuvering speed is affected by the weight of the airplane.

If the plane is at max gross weight, it has a better, higher, maneuvering speed.

Conversely at a lower weight maneuvering speed is lower, meaning that you need to fly slower to get safely below maneuvering speed.

Yes, this is one of the few aircraft performance speeds that actually improves with a higher weight! Continue reading “Maneuvering Speed Part 2: Determining Maneuvering Speed for your Plane.”

XP11 SimCoders C172 REP Giveaway

I’m excited to give away a Cessna 172 Reality Expansion pack by SimCoders. This is an excellent plane made for X-Plane 11. Watch the video below for a review of the plane and enter to win by joining my mailing list. Just scroll to the box that says “Schaefer Flight in your inbox!” and enter your email address.

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The drawing for this plane will be on April 2nd 2018.

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Turns are more complex than they look. There are a few things to do in a turn and they are all very important.

An airplane turns by banking to the side. This bank allows some of the lift from the wing to pull the airplane in the direction of the turn.

But there is more to it. In fact, turning an airplane requires simultaneous use of the ailerons, rudder, and elevator controls. Continue reading “Turns”